Awesome Aloe Vera

Why is aloe vera such an amazing healing plant? Why is it a key supplement you and your animals should take every day?

Aloe vera is one of the most researched, and useful, plants on our planet. It’s probably most well known as a topical treatment for skin – soothing inflamed or irritated skin and burns – but it is also hugely beneficial when taken internally. It soothes the digestive tract, assists the uptake of nutrients, boosts the immune system, helps against allergies, encourages good mobility, and results in great skin, hair and nails (and coat, mane, tail and hooves in our animals). It speeds up the healing of wounds. It also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Concentrated dried aloe vera in the form of Aloeride capsules for humans and dogs and Aloeride sachets for horses, is the best way to take aloe vera internally as a supplement.

So what’s so special about aloe vera that allows it to do all this? Aloe vera is a desert plant consisting of around 95% water that would quickly evaporate without its epithelium – a barrier of cells that protect the water from evaporating. The plant’s very survival and growth is dependent on preserving and optimising that barrier. Humans and animals also have protective epithelial cells – skin, hair, nails, coat, mane, tail, hooves – and also lining the digestive, respiratory and urogenital tracts. When you ingest aloe vera you ingest molecules that focus on the repair and renewal of epithelial tissue. Aloe vera heals the skin and digestive system as superbly as the aloe vera plant superbly heals itself when its epithelium is damaged. Aloe vera also contains an extensive range of highly absorbable amino acids and other key nutrients that brilliantly support general health.

Aloe vera supports and assists the skin or coat in its function as an effective protective barrier. When applied externally, as well as helping soothe inflamed or irritated skin and burns it can also help rejuvenate and revitalise cells through promoting production of hyaluronic acid and collagen. At White Horse Remedies in our “Lotions and Potions” section we have several products containing aloe vera you may wish to add to your treatment kit: Botanica’s Eternal Youth Cream, Natural Herbal Cream, Cleansing Wash, Anti-Itch Cream Concentrate and Small Animal Care Cream; Red Horse’s HoneyHeel, HydroHoof, Rider Rescue Cinnamon & Orange Hand Cream and Myrtle Hand Wash. The contents of Aloeride for Humans capsules can also be added to a little water and turned into an excellent aloe vera gel for topical use.

Including properly-grown and properly-processed whole leaf aloe vera such as Aloeride (we don’t recommend eating homegrown aloe vera, its likely to result in diarrhoea!) in the diet, improves nutrient uptake and provides the body with molecules focused on renewing and repairing epithelial tissue. In many cases, humans and animals perform better and are less susceptible to injury and/or illness. The results? Reported improvements in behaviour and ease of movement as well as better skin, hair/coat/mane/tail, nails/hooves, digestion and, to a lesser degree, breathing and bladder functions. Aloeride has been found to be helpful in cases of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and diverticulitis, as well as food sensitivity issues in humans and animals.

Here come the girls… Ron Fields’ Mare-21 is a mix of powdered Ayurvedic herbs (including aloe vera) and salts focussed on supporting the physical and/or emotional problems female horses may experience during their seasons, by helping soothe associated pain, inflammation, and muscle cramps whilst also helping improve performance. It also supports detoxification, may delay seasons (if used constantly) and help maintain normal hormonal function and better immunity. Continued long term use may result in improvements associated with reduced hormonally-induced anxiety and tension, and improved performance.

We may also be concerned with our older horses’ health and wellbeing. Aloeride’s low glycaemic index and nutritional support (via its extensive range of highly absorbable amino acids – see below chart), is especially beneficial to veteran horses’ vitality. The ability to absorb protein reduces in older horses (they produce fewer enzymes that digest and break down protein into amino acids).

Julianne Aston, founder of the Veteran Horse Society, wrote about a series of trials which took place at their head office in West Wales, home to over twenty horses on retirement and rehabilitation. She said about Aloeride for Horses: “Coming into the winter months especially, supporting the older horse’s immune system is imperative, however the additional benefits of feeding Aloeride are also improved support to coat and hoof condition and assisting healthy digestion are all key factors for the veteran horse or pony. Aloeride is palatable, easy to feed and gives great support quickly even in older horses”.

A reviewer of Aloeride, WJ Hartvikson wrote: “I started my Canadian National team horse (Onyx) on Aloeride for a bad case of skin dermatitis and lack of coat growth. He also had slow growing and poor quality hooves. Not only did his skin get better, he has shed out and grown a healthy, super shiny coat. Also, he now has good quality, normal hoof growth. A great side effect was that he has become more supple. At the age of 16, he’s no youngster either. There is more to the story. I asked about the human dosage. I began taking 1/2 tsp per day. For many years, I have been suffering from knee pain from arthritis due to a ski racing wreck in my youth. I also have weakness and balance issues due to MS. After three weeks on Aloeride, my knee pain disappeared. Thinking I was imagining things, I got in touch with Mimi. She confirmed that Aloeride works in many ways including that it reduces inflammation. I am gobsmacked by the results. I have advised my neurologist and also an MS Researcher. I knew it helped horses but now I know first hand how much it helps people. Thank you to Aloeride, this is amazing! It gives me great hope for my ability to ride and continue in sport, my biggest love and passion in life.”

Not forgetting the animals that share our houses, aloe vera can also help our dogs and cats. Aloeride greatly supports their general health. And common skin problems, including the genetically-predisposed allergic skin disease canine atopic dermatitis (CAD) and even compulsive grooming respond well to feeding Aloeride aloe vera to dogs. Give half an Aloeride for Humans and Dogs capsule per day, in a soft treat or sprinkled on your dog’s food.

Aloeride provides generous daily servings of a broad spectrum of nutrients as can be seen from this table (source: Aloeride)

Plant Substance Physiological Effect
Gibberellin plant hormones for growth including stimulation of enzyme production (α amylases) it also delays plant senescence (anti-ageing)
Amino Acids 20 of the 22 necessary and 7 of the 8 essential vital building blocks for the building of cells, DNA, enzymes, muscles, hormones… anything
Inorganic Ions: Calcium Magnesium Sodium Potassium Zinc Copper Iron Manganese Molybdenum Chromium absolutely vital for too many physiological functions to list here – magnesium for instance is a necessary part to make 200 different enzymes work whilst chromium for instance is vital for building glucose tolerance factor
Vitamins: B1 B2 B6 Choline B12 vitC vitA Niacin Folic Acid absolutely vital for too many physiological functions to list here
β [1-4] linked glucomannan polysaccharides different lengths of these polysaccharide have different functions and they direct other nutrients to assist in their task – their functions: immunomodulatory intracellular antioxidant anti-inflammatory and blood sugar support
Enzymes such as peroxidase catalase alliase lipase cellulase carboxypeptidase(Zn) amylase alkaline phosphatase absolutely vital for the transformation of one substance into another
Steroids plant steroids help aloe vera quench inflammation within its tissue
Sterols plant sterols are a subgroup of the steroids and do the same
Unsaponifiable phytosterols: cholesterol lupeol β-sitosterol campesterol help aloe vera quench inflammation within its tissue
Lignins help transdermal penetration
Lectin like substances role in plant germination and in mammals regulation of cell adhesion to glycoprotein synthesis and control of protein levels in the blood
Salicylic acid -active chemical component of aspirin pain relief and temperature control
Saponins glycosides cleansing and antiseptic properties
Triglycerides fatty acid building blocks
Uric Acid increases short term plasma antioxidant activity

Each Aloeride for Horses carton is made from 12 litres of Soil Association certified organic aloe vera barbadensis miller juice, and contains 30 sachets of 2,000mg (each sachet is 400ml juice equivalent!) servings of palatable powder. Aloeride for Humans vegetarian aloe vera capsules are easier to ingest than liquid aloe vera gel or juice which many find has an unpleasant bitter taste. Aloeride is a high nutrient-density, non-latex aloe vera with every pack made from 2.4 litres of Soil Association certified organic wholeleaf aloe vera barbadensis miller juice. We hope you enjoy saying Aloe Aloe to Aloe Vera and incorporating its internal and external benefits into your and your animals’ daily lives. Alison

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