Aloeride Aloe Vera for Horses


Aloeride Aloe Vera for Horses gives a powerful boost to your horse's overall health. Excellent in supporting the digestive system, it also supports healthy hooves, a shiny resilient coat, general condition and mobility. Each carton contains 30 one-a-day sachets of top quality, palatable, Soil Association Organic, whole-leaf aloe vera powder to conveniently sprinkle on your horse's feed. One carton of Aloeride for horses is made from a whopping 12 litres of original aloe vera juice.

Ingredients: Each sachet contains concentrated organic aloe vera (Barbadensis miller (top quality and non-latex) powder 2,000mg, from 400ml original juice), colloidal silicon dioxide (20mg as a glidant)

See our blog post on the health benefits of aloe vera.

For people and dogs see Aloeride Aloe Vera for Humans and Dogs.


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