Boswellia (Frankincense) Powder


Boswellia powder (also known as frankincense) has long been recognised for its fast-acting anti-inflammatory properties. It is a natural aid to mobility, soundness and comfort, by supporting healthy joint function and  integrity of cartilage. As well as optimising flexibility of movement, it may also support healthy respiration, blood circulation and liver function. It may be of particular benefit to older, ageing animals, and is suitable for long term use.

Boswellia is a traditional Ayurvedic herb, extracted from the gum resin produced by the boswellia serrata tree native to Africa and Arabia. It has powerful soothing properties and is kind to the digestive tract.

These products for horses also contain boswellia: BosFleks, Ron Fields Elastin and Red Horse Joint Support. And these products for dogs: BosDog Original, Elastin Liquid for Dogs, Elastin Treats for Dogs and Phytopet “Ease” Herbal Remedy for Joints.

Ingredients: boswellia serrata (frankincense) powder


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