Brewers Yeast


Brewers yeast is an excellent multi-purpose supplement for horses, that has long been a favourite with horse carers. It is rich in B complex vitamins especially vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and antioxidants. It is very nutrient dense and full of fibre. As well as supporting general well-being this supplement:

  • Supports healthy hooves and a shiny coat. The amino acids, B vitamins and minerals in brewers yeast – such as copper, zinc and selenium – encourage a healthy, glossy coat, mane and tail, and strong hooves. The B vitamins and antioxidants may also support eye health.
  • Promotes healthy gut flora and digestion. Brewers yeast is rich in high-quality amino acids which help maintain a healthy gut flora. This in turn supports hind-gut digestion and the absorption of nutrients. It may help poor-doers improve condition
  • Supports the nervous system and calm behaviour. The B vitamins and minerals in brewers yeast are beneficial to the nervous system and may help reduce stress, anxiety and mareishness, and support positive behaviour. Vitamin B1 (thiamine), for example, is known for its calming properties.
  • May reduce irritation from midge bites. Brewers yeast may help reduce skin discomfort from bites and help support horses suffering from seasonal itching such as sweet itch. It may also help promote a natural resistance to the mud-dwelling bacteria that cause mud fever.
  • Supports a healthy immune system. The B vitamins and minerals (such as selenium and zinc) promote a healthy immune system and help normalise the immune response.
  • May help balance blood sugar and boost energy. The chromium and fibre in brewers yeast may help keep blood sugar levels steady. The B vitamins may help boost energy and be particularly useful for hard-working horses and lactating mares.

Brewers yeast is a palatable supplement for animals. As it has quite a distinctive taste it may be best to introduce it gradually if adding to feed. Alternatively offer in a bowl for self-selection.

Ingredients: 100% brewers yeast







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