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The use of comfrey as a powerful healing herb has been documented since Roman times. Also known as “knitbone” and “bruisewort”, comfrey leaf has been shown to support the natural healing of bones and connective tissue. This is thought to be mainly due to it containing the compounds allantonin and rosmarinic acid, which encourage the regeneration of connective tissue, bones, cartilage and other cells, and which have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.

Thus comfrey leaf is often selected by horses healing from wounds and bruises, broken bones, damage to joints, and other mobility problems. It may help to keep horses who are off work more comfortable.

Comfrey leaf can be used externally as well as internally for bruised muscles, ligaments and joints. It can be used externally in poultices and compresses to support bruised tissue. It has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties for topical applications. Due to their properties encouraging the regeneration of cells, comfrey and allantonin are excellent ingredients in skin care. These excellent Botanica products contain healing comfrey oil: Botanica Natural Herbal Cream, Botanica Anti-Itch Cream Concentrate, Botanica Small Animal Care Cream and Botanica Eternal Youth Cream.

Comfrey leaf herb may also be selected by horses with respiratory or digestive issues. It has mucilaginous and soothing properties which may support a healthy respiratory system and gastro-intestinal system, and help reduce irritation.

There is some controversy over the long term feeding of comfrey (note that studies have tended to use isolated extracts or comfrey root rather than comfrey leaf, and unnaturally large doses). If in doubt you may wish to add to feed for no more than one month at a time, or just offer for self-selection.

Unsuitable for pregnant mares.

Ingredients: comfrey leaf (cut, dried herb)

All our herbs are human grade, best quality botanicals.


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