Devils Claw Root Powder


Devils Claw Root Powder 1kg  £21.50

Devils Claw Root is an excellent herb for helping maintain mobility and supporting muscles, joints and ligaments in horses of all ages. It is especially useful with older horses to target the stiffness often associated with old age, as it naturally helps sustain joint elasticity and supports ligaments, tendons and muscles, but it can also benefit younger horses with mobility and structural issues.

The herb grows naturally in south and south-east Africa, particularly in the Kalahari Desert and Namibia.

Devils Claw Root is suitable for long term use, and may help to reduce inflammation, soreness and pain around joints (with a similar effect to “bute” and cortisone but without the side effects such as gut irritation). In particular it contains iridoid glycosides such as harpagoside, a class of compounds which has demonstrated anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. It has soothing properties and can be helpful generally with knocks, strains and bruises. It can also help stimulate the digestive system which can be particularly helpful to older horses with poor digestion and absorption.

Do not give to pregnant mares.

Ingredients: devils claw root powder

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