Dried Rosehips (Whole)


Dried Rosehips (Whole) 1kg  £13.75

Rosehips are a great natural source of vitamin C for horses. They also provide iron, vitamin A, thiamine, niacin and vitamin K. These boost the immune system and may support horses recovering from illness or injuries. As well as supporting a healthy skin, coat and bones, rosehips are a natural source of biotin which promotes good hoof health. Many horse owners feed rosehips together with seaweed to encourage healthy hooves.

Rosehips are a very useful anti-oxidant, and have useful blood cleansing and detox properties. Rosehips may support the kidneys, liver and circulatory systems. They are often selected by horses in need of a boost. They may also support healthy joints and good mobility.

Whole dried rosehips make a great healthy treat your horses will love. Rosehips are one of the most popular herbs with horses.

We also stock rosehip shells.

Ingredients: whole dried rosehips

All our herbs are human grade, best quality botanicals


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