Equi-Homeopathic Allergy Aid


Equi-Homeopathic Allergy Aid by Farm & Yard Remedies is a homeopathic combination of:

  • Mixed tree pollen
  • Mixed grasses
  • Mixed flower pollen
  • Rapeseed pollen
  • Allium cepa
  • Euphrasia

This is a homeopathy remedy traditionally used to help support horses and ponies that suffer from allergic reactions.

Equi Homeopathic Allergy Aid consists of homeopathic tablets which are larger and may be easier to administer to horses than pillules.

Gentle and non-toxic. Does not interfere with veterinary medicine.

Suggested use:

Give one tablet twice daily, starting about one month prior to allergy season and continue through the season. If your horse is already affected give 2 tablets every 3 hours, up to 6 doses per day for two days. Then reduce dose to 2 tablets three times a day until improvement is seen. Then reduce to one tablet twice daily.

For dogs and people see Allergy Aid Homeopathic Remedy.

Contains: Equi-Homeopathic Allergy Aid tablets, 50g


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