Equi-Homeopathic Sweet Itch Aid


Equi-Homeopathic Sweet Itch Aid by Farm & Yard Remedies is a homeopathic combination of:

  • Sweet Itch Nosodes
  • Culicoides Midge
  • Caladium

This homeopathy remedy is traditionally used to support horses who suffer from itching caused by a reaction to the bites of culicoides midges, especially in the summer months. Certain horses develop an allergic skin condition provoked by the bites and saliva of the midges.

Gentle and non-toxic. Does not interfere with any veterinary medicine.

You may also wish to consider using Botanica Anti-Itch Cream Concentrate and Cleansing Wash or Red Horse Sweet Oil topically.

Suggested usage: start giving daily prior to midge season and continue giving daily all through midge season. Give twice weekly through the dormant season to help maintain resistance.

Contains: Equi-Homeopathic Sweet Itch Aid tablets, 50g



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