Feathermite Spray by Ron Fields


Ron Fields Feathermite Spray is a fast-acting, natural plant based spray for horses and pones. It helps to maintain healthy feathered legs, and is used to relieve symptoms caused by mites. Affected horses and ponies usually have feathered legs.

Ron Fields Feathermite Spray:

  • soothes irritation
  • helps discomfort

To use: simply spray around the fetlocks and pasterns, and rub in if your horse has lots of hair. Leave for 2 days and then spray again. Leave for 4-5 days and check again. Leave for 2 weeks and spray again.

Ingredients: orange oil, ascorbic acid (less than 0.009%), acetic acid (less than 0.005%), glycerine (less than 0.9%), deionised water


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