Garlic Granules


Garlic granules are one of the most common herbal supplements given to horses. Garlic has been popular for centuries for its many health benefits and is also fed to horses as a natural remedy to help deter flies and other biting insects during the summer months.

Garlic is rich in sulphur compounds, notably allicin which is responsible for most of garlic’s health benefits. It is also a good source of vitamins, antioxidants and other minerals such as selenium and potassium. It has strong anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties.  It is one of the most effective natural healing substances.

When consumed by horses, garlic appears to help deter flies, midges, ticks and mosquitoes by changing the smell of horses’ sweat when excreted through pores, making it a natural insect repellent.

The sulphur compounds in garlic have blood-cleansing and antibacterial properties and may also help boost circulation. The sulphur compounds and selenium also support the immune system and help promote a healthy respiratory system. Garlic may help support horses with respiratory issues, infections and coughs, and help reduce excess mucus within the respiratory tract. The cleansing and anti-inflammatory actions of garlic may also help benefit the urinary tract.

Studies have shown that garlic contains fructans which act as useful prebiotics, helping support a healthy gut flora and digestive system.

Garlic is an ingredient in Red Horse Red Zone Super Fly Spray.

Ingredients: 100% garlic granules






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