Green Clay


Green Clay Powder 1kg  £17.50  

Green clay is very useful both internally and externally for horses. A wonderful addition to your natural first aid kit.

Externally it can be applied as a powder to soothe skin and to wounds to help keep them clean and prevent infection. It is a natural antiseptic. With a little added water it can be made into a paste to be applied as a poultice to wounds. A few drops of antibacterial essential oils – such as lavender, yarrow, German chamomile, seaweed absolute – can also be added to the clay paste before applying. Clay poultices help draw out toxins and keep away flies. Rich in silica and zinc, the clay helps the regeneration of tissue, encourages the healing process, softens scars and helps prevent proud flesh.

Due to its analgesic and pain-relieving properties, and given how natural it is, animals always seem to welcome being treated topically with green clay.

Internally green clay powder can be used to periodically support digestive problems and help cleanse and remove toxins from the gut. It is full of trace minerals and has an excellent soothing action on the gut. It may help remove parasites and pathogenic bacteria. It can be added to dampened feed (up to one tablespoon twice daily), offered in a bowl for self-selection, and/or added to water for drinking. When using green clay internally, use for up to two to three weeks at a time, and wait for a few months before using again.

Ingredients: 100% best quality, human grade, French green clay



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