Hawthorn Leaf and Flowers


Hawthorn Leaf and Flowers 1kg  £15.75

Hawthorn is a very useful herb for supporting the circulation and for use as a general heart tonic. In the spring, horses will often seek out the new, young leaves from hawthorn trees.

Horses prone to conditions such as laminitis and navicular syndrome often select hawthorn as the herb helps support blood vessel dilation and strengthening, improving circulation to the affected local areas.

Hawthorn has been used for centuries as a heart and circulation tonic, being one of the best herbs to support the capillaries and the heart muscle itself. It is rich in iron and flavonoids, and may help improve blood flow, blood pressure, heart rate and stamina.

Hawthorn is also helpful for older horses, not only because it supports the circulation and a strong heart, but also because it may help with joint issues. By boosting the circulation it can help the body remove toxins which can build up in the joints. For this reason horses with arthritis will often select hawthorn leaf and flowers.

Ingredients: dried hawthorn leaf and flowers

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