Marigold and Cleavers (Clivers) Mix


Marigold and Cleavers Mix 1kg £14.75

Marigold (calendula) flowers have useful anti-inflammatory and blood cleansing properties, and are most commonly used for supporting skin and coat health. They are often selected by horses in need of a tonic, suffering from digestive issues or allergies or to support the immune system, liver or joints.

Cleavers (clivers) is a popular and useful cleansing herb for horses supporting the lymphatic system and detoxification. Rich in silica, it promotes hoof, hair, skin and coat quality and strength, and a healthy structural system. This herb may also support the immune system and be helpful for respiratory congestion, mucus and colds. It is slightly diuretic and may also help promote a healthy urinary system.

The positive effects of cleavers on the lymphatic system are enhanced when combined with marigold. Marigold and cleavers are considered sister herbs by herbalists. They work together synergistically to provide support for horses’ lymphatic and glandular systems. This mix is commonly used to help horses with swollen legs and joints, and can be used for any soft swelling or fluid retention. It helps to reduce fluid retention in horses by increasing urine flow and production. It can also help improve skin condition.

This mix is particularly recommended for stabled or elderly horses whose legs may become filled when standing in for long periods of time, or when exercise must be limited.

Ingredients: 50% marigold (calendula) flowers, 50% cleavers (cut dried herb)

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