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Meadowsweet is a herb with a long tradition of use for horses. It is one of the best herbs for supporting the digestive system and providing comfort to sore and swollen joints.

Like white willow bark, meadowsweet naturally contains salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is responsible for the anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving properties of aspirin. Unlike aspirin, however, (which is made by chemical synthesis from salicylic acid), meadowsweet is without the negative side effects, and may be safely used for long periods. Used to help relieve joint pain, swelling and fevers, the herb has been called “nature’s herbal aspirin”.

Thus meadowsweet is often seen as an essential herb for horses with arthritis or joint issues, and for older horses. It soothes joints and and muscles and also aids mobility and flexibility by helping the condition of connective tissue, helping horses maintain activity.

Meadowsweet is also soothing on the stomach and beneficial for supporting the gastric system. It is thought that salicylic acid combines with tannins and mucilage in the herb to reduce acidity in the stomach and to promote a healthy and settled digestive tract, actually protecting the lining of the stomach and intestines. By helping normalise pH balance the herb may help horses with loose droppings and promote the formation of normal droppings. The herb may also support the healing of ulcers and gastric bleeding.

Meadowsweet works well with other herbs such as white willow bark, devils claw and hawthorn to support joint mobility and comfort.

Ingredients: meadowsweet cut herb

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