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Psyllium husk is a very useful supplement for horses to cleanse and clear out the gut and support a healthy digestive system and intestines. The husks are part of the seed of the “plantago ovata” plant which is mainly grown in India, where is has been used for horses, elephants and people for centuries.

Psyllium husks provide a useful source of dietary fibre. They also provide probiotic support promoting the growth of good bacteria in the gut.

The husks absorb water in the intestine, forming a mucilaginous gel-like substance which picks up and suspends sand and other inert debris in the gut allowing it to pass through and be removed from the body. This helps prevent a build up of sand and other debris. It also helps remove toxins and undigested material. So psyllium husk is especially useful for horses grazing on (or being fed hay on) sandy soils, especially after long dry spells, or those prone to sluggish digestion, constipation, digestive discomfort, “hay belly” and bloating. It is often given to horses after an episode of sand colic and is a helpful preventative. If you suspect your horse has or has had colic always contact your vet.

Due to the husks absorbing water in the intestines, horses must always have free access to plenty of water when feeding psyllium husk. They should also be allowed free movement in a paddock or other turnout area to allow healthy digestive movement.

Ingredients: psyllium husk

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