Red Horse HoneyHeel


Red Horse HoneyHeel is a honey-based rich, soothing barrier and wound cream for horses. Formulated with raw honey and zinc oxide, two naturally active healing agents, it provides an antibacterial barrier over minor wounds, supporting the natural healing process and promoting the natural formation of healthy tissue. Added aloe vera enhances the soothing effects of the honey and zinc oxide.

The sticky consistency helps HoneyHeel stay in place, allowing the active agents to maintain contact with the skin.

As HoneyHeel is ideal for softening scabs and soothing irritated areas of skin, it can be helpful in cases of mud fever. The white, opaque barrier is also perfect for protecting light skin that is prone to burning.

Ingredients: raw bio-active honey, zinc oxide, aloe vera juice

HoneyHeel is also available in the Red Horse Winter Care Kit.


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