Red Horse Magnesium Oxide


Red Horse Magnesium Oxide is a special light-grade magnesium oxide for horses.

Magnesium is essential for brain and nerve function. It is also vital for hair and horn growth. Many pastures are deficient in magnesium so supplementation is often necessary. Red Horse Magnesium Oxide provides a readily absorbable source of magnesium that can also help neutralise excess stomach acid. Some other forms of magnesium can be hard for the horse to absorb.

Magnesium supplementation is often used to help calm horses who suffer from anxiety and nervousness. It is also thought to be helpful for horses with poor quality hoof growth and is often recommended for horses exhibiting low-grade foot pain due to poor metabolic function.

The “light” grade means it has a small particle size hence is more readily absorbed by the gut than heavier grades of magnesium oxide.

Ingredients: 99% magnesium oxide light powder. Low iron content (max 0.03%). Scoop supplied



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