Red Horse Muscle Support


Red Horse Muscle Support is a supernutrient-rich feed supplement to assist in the development of strong, healthy muscle in horses.

Leucine is one of the main amino acids that horses require to assist them in muscle development. Red Horse Muscle Support provides a high level of leucine and HMB which is a metabolite of leucine. Agmatine is included to help improve muscle strength and stamina, allowing horses to work harder for longer.

Both grapeseed extract and agmatine are thought to improve stamina and growth by improving circulation to muscles.

NOTE: no protein supplement will produce muscle development if energy in the horses diet and correct training are lacking. Consult a nutritionist if you are unsure.

Ingredients: leucine, HMB, l-lysine, isoleucine, kelp powder, methionine, acetyl-l-carnitine, agmatine sulphate, valine, arginine, gamma oryzanol, vitamin C, grapeseed extract, vitamin E, selenium. Scoop supplied


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