Violet Leaf

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Violet Leaf (also known as Heartsease) is useful in supporting horses’ respiratory, circulatory and immune systems. The leaves possess mild expectorant and demulcent properties, helping ease coughs and helping break up chest congestion. It is also a blood cleansing herb. Rutin and salicylic acid present in the leaves may help alleviate aches and inflammation, and help make joints more comfortable. Rutin also aids blood circulation and supports healthy blood vessels. Salicylic acid is also found in white willow bark.

In traditional use, the leaves have been used for coughs, heart health and emotional upset. The herb is often selected by horses who have suffered emotional trauma and may help to ground and soothe nervous animals.

Ingredients: violet leaf (cut dried herb)

All our herbs are human food grade, best quality botanicals

1 review for Violet Leaf

  1. Jane kalsi

    I was sent a sample of this and my horse absolutely loved it. Thank you

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