Red Horse Field Paste


Red Horse Field Paste is an antibacterial and antifungal hoof dressing, specially formulated to cleanse and condition the underside of the horse’s foot.  It helps frogs and soles stay strong and healthy. The thick, paste-like consistency allows Field Paste to stay in the grooves of the foot for longer than thinner solutions.

Red Horse Field Paste was originally made for use where a regular hoof care routine was difficult eg field kept horses. Its ingredients fight bacteria, yeast and fungi, and promote the growth of healthy tissue, especially when rubbed well into grooves and the surface of the frog. The active ingredients also help the hoof and frog tissue to toughen and promote healthy regrowth without being caustic or damaging.

Ingredients: water, honey, zinc sulphate, zinc oxide, bentonite, kaolinite, montmorillonite, polysorbate 20, eucalyptus oil

Also available in the Red Horse Winter Care Kit.


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